The Dassault family, passionate pioneers in the aeronautic industry, new technologies and the art market, became interested in fine wines very early. Marcel Dassault, a visionary captain of industry…

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The entire purpose and mission of Dassault Wine Estates is to pass on, over time, the necessary requirements for the production of fine wines. The Dassault family created “Dassault Wine Estates” because quality wine has today…

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They share the story of Château Dassault and talk about the entrepreneurial values of passion and progress, which are those of the family and the Dassault Wine Estates group. The objective is excellence.

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Over the years, the properties owned by Dassault Wine Estates have increased to nearly fifty hectares and now form one of the largest vineyard holdings in Saint-Emilion. Discover Château Dassault, Château Faurie de Souchard and Château La Fleur.


Le Château Trimoulet rejoint Dassault Wine Estates

Laurent Dassault, President of Dassault Wine Estates, signed 6 July 2016 purchase of the grand cru Château Saint Emilion Trimoulet the John family. This property of 17 hectares, bordering the Château Dassault, purchased in 1955, reinforces the presence of the Dassault family in Saint Emilion after the acquisition of Château La Fleur 2002 and Château […]