Yesterday, last day of picking

on 20.10.2015 / by Jessica Clavier / Comments Off on Yesterday, last day of picking in Non classé

Our first tanks, which were filled on 28 September, are just finishing their alcoholic fermentation, others are still under way, and the last tanks are entering the cold soaking stage.

The musts, flavourful and already complex, are starting to show their colours and the tannins are starting to emerge gently for the first tanks. There is good acidity, giving the freshness necessary behind the excessive sweetness of the fruit.

The fruit aromas are extraordinary, even when we have barely entered the fermenting rooms.

The puzzle of 2015 is starting to fall in place, allowing us to imagine the future profile of this vintage.

Nature having performed wonders this year, we need to respect it and make sure that each plot expresses its terroir. The fruit must guide us, and we must respect the balance between its aromas, its sweetness, its acidity and its tannins.